Stop depending on other people to make you happy.

Everyone deserves to be with someone who wants to make them happy without it being a demand.

Allowing your relationship with whoever control the state of your happiness gives them dominion over your emotions.

Relationships aren’t supposed to fill a gap or a void in your life. You’ll be disappointed when that person does things that upset you.

Being in a relationship can give you exposure to a range of emotions from excitement, passion to anger and pain. It’s not all happiness and continuous europhia. All these emotions are part of your growth and allows you to experience what’s it’s like to be vulnerable. To be human. To create a deeper connection and be emotionally engaged.

It’s nobody’s responsibility to make you happy, it’s your job to fulfil that for yourself. You exist as a whole person outside of them. To wait for them to make you happy is to neglect yourself and objectify them. It’s unfair to both parties.

Seeking emotional support from your partner is healthy when necessary but it can become unhealthy when you’re emotionally dependent on them. There’s a lot of pressure on them to make you constantly happy which can lead to a breakdown of a relationship.

Be responsible for your own happiness.