Black feminists are not attacking black men we’re attacking sexual violence, violent behaviour, harassment, patriarchy, colourism and racism.

  • They already know that, “all men” wasn’t the claim and they are not talking about black men as a whole.
  • It’s derailing and dismissive of their experience. It doesn’t add any substance to the conversation.
  • You may not be the sole perpetrator but your silence and derailment is complicit to the issue.
  • Marginalised groups should be able to express their experiences without having to worry about damaging the ego of privileged groups. When systemic racism is being discussed, I don’t tend to hear Black men and women get defensive and say “not all white people!”. However, I do tend to hear ‘I’m not racist, I got black friends’. That doesn’t really add to anything and makes the conversation about them more so than the black friend.




Living, learning and sharing.

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Living, learning and sharing.

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